Your relationship when having a baby

    • Brief

    • Being a parent can change your relationship with your partner. A lot of attention is paid to the baby, and you get less sleep. Make time for both of you to get used to the new situation and find ways of adjusting.

    • Sex life

    • Your sex life may also change:

      • The woman’s body still has to recover in the first weeks after delivery. Both partners have to take it slowly and gently.
      • If you breastfeed your baby (women), your breasts may be heavy and sensitive. Your breasts may lose breast milk in between feeds.
      • In the period after delivery, the woman can experience less sexual desire. Sometimes the woman’s partner is afraid of hurting her. Talk to each other about your emotions and wishes.
      • The woman’s body may be permanently changed. For example, stretch marks on the belly, changes in body weight, shape, and breasts may not return to their original condition. You both have to get used to this.

      Talk with your partner and try to find a sex life that suits you both.