Woman’s visible sexual organs

    • Brief

    • A woman’s visible (external) sexual organs are:

      • Outer labia.
      • Inner labia.
      • Opening of the vagina.
      • Clitoris.

      The pee-hole and the anus are not sexual organs.

      A woman also has breasts. They are not sexual organs but are essential for a woman’s sexual pleasure and breastfeeding.

    • Labia and opening of the vagina

    • The labia are lip-like parts of your skin that protect the vagina, clitoris, and pee hole. Some people refer to them as vagina lips.

      A woman has 2 pairs of labia:

      • Outer labia: are covered with hair and are thicker than the inner labia.
      • Inner labia: are not covered with hair and are thinner than the outer labia. They can be bigger or smaller than the outer labia.

      Different women have different types or shapes of labia. In some women, the inner labia stick out beyond the outer labia. While in other women, the outer labia completely covers the inner labia. What they look like is not important for the way they function.

      The opening of the vagina lies between the inner labia.

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    • Clitoris

    • The clitoris is a sensitive organ above the opening of the vagina, where the inner labia come together.

      The visible part of the clitoris is the size of a pea. The largest part lies under the skin and is invisible. It has 2 long branches ending inside the outer labia.

      Most women become aroused when the clitoris and the area around it are touched or caressed. This may cause them to have an orgasm.

      In some cultures, the clitoris of girls and women is cut or even completely removed. This practice is called female genital mutilation. Although female genital mutilation is illegal in Nigeria, many cultures still practise it.