When to have sex for the first time

    • Brief

    • There is no good or bad time to have sex for the first time. You have the right to decide when you have sex for the first time.

      It is usual for you to feel anxious and insecure about having sex for the first time. Everybody has these feelings. If these feelings are very strong, you may not be ready for sex. Maybe you should wait a bit longer.

    • You choose

    • You must give your consent before sex, and if you decide not to have sex, your partner must respect your choice. According to the law, there is a minimum age at which people can give consent (18 years in Nigeria).

      You can also choose when you want to have sex for the first time, before or after marriage.

      Consider carefully what you want. The decision is up to you. Do not let anyone push you. You can only enjoy sex when both of you are ready for it. Your partner has to respect your choice. Talk with your partner about what you want and how you feel.

      You should give your consent and feel ready the first time and every time you have sex.