What is sexual pleasure?

    • Brief

    • Sexual pleasure usually begins when you feel sexual desire. It often involves emotions, for example: sharing intimacy or feeling happy while caressing each other.

    • Sexual arousal

    • You can get aroused when your body is stimulated. Your body can go through several phases of arousal. If you are very aroused, you can have an orgasm. To get aroused, people like to, for example:

      • Cuddle.
      • Caress and be caressed.
      • Kiss and be kissed.
      • Lick and be licked, on various parts of the body.

      The areas of the body that are sensitive to sexual stimulation (erogenous zones) for many people include the:

      • Vagina and clitoris (women);
      • Penis and testicles (men);
      • Buttocks;
      • Anus;
      • Inside of the thighs;
      • Breasts (women) or chest (men) and nipples.
      • Mouth.
      • Neck.
      • Hair.
      • Face.
      • Hands, fingers, toes or soles of the feet.
      • Arms, shoulders or back.
      • Earlobes.
      • Navel or belly.

    • Different for everyone, each time

    • Sex can be different every time and for every couple. Talk with your partner about what you both like and how you like it (soft or hard, quick or slow, with your fingers, lips or tongue, etc.).

      People can have sexual intercourse but it doesn't mean they are having sexual pleasure. You can also enjoy being intimate with each other: cuddle, caress, talk, enjoy each other’s company.

      If you are very aroused, you can have an orgasm but sometimes you will not have an orgasm. This is not a problem as long as you and your partner are not unhappy about it.

    • Protection against STIs

    • You can have sexual pleasure when using a condom during sexual intercourse. Use a condom to protect yourself or your partner against STIs. If you have no desire to have children at the moment, use a condom or another method of contraception.