What is sex?

    • Brief

    • Sex refers to all acts that can sexually arouse you. Sex is more than sexual intercourse or penetration. It also includes things such as kissing, caressing and oral sex. Sexuality is a central part of human life. It is a normal and positive way to express yourself.

      Sexuality involves not only sex but also other matters. For example, sexual pleasure and intimacy, having children, as well as taboos and values on sexual orientation. People of the same sex can also have sex with each other (homosexuality).

    • Reason for having sex

    • You can have sex for various reasons. For instance, because you want to:

      • Have children.
      • Experience sexual pleasure.
      • Express love and other feelings.
      • Experience intimacy.
      • Relax.
    • Different ways of having sex

    • You can have sex in many different ways:

      • Sexual intercourse.
      • Caressing.
      • Cuddling.
      • Kissing.
      • Stimulating the erogenous zones of the body.

      You can have sex with someone else or with yourself (masturbation).

      Sex is not only about the right techniques. It is also important to pay attention to the feelings and wishes of the other person, to share intimacy and to create the right atmosphere.

      Experiment and find out what you and your partner like best. Talk with your partner about your desires and feelings. You can also experiment on your own.

      Sex can be different every time.

      People’s sex life can change during their lifetime. For example because their body or sexual desire changes. This is normal. Some people do not have sex for a shorter or longer period of time.

    • Different relationships and sex lives

    • People have many different kinds of relationships and sex lives. For example, some people have sex before marriage, and others wait until afterwards. Some people only have one partner, others have several.

      People of the same sex can also have sex with each other (homosexuality).

    • Sexual consent

    • Each time you have sex you should give your consent and feel ready. Mutual consent means that both people want to have sexual contact. Both people can decide to stop at any moment.

      Do not let anyone force you to have sex.

      In Nigeria, the legal minimum age for sexual contact is 18 years. The law is there to protect young people against sexual abuse.