What is a condom?

    • Brief

    • A condom is a thin rubber sleeve that is put over the penis. You put a male condom on a stiff penis before penetration. Female condoms are worn before penetration begins. Both catch the semen and other body fluids when the man ejaculates during sex- anal, oral or vaginal.

      It protects you and your partner from contracting STIs.

    • Method of contraception

    • You can use a condom during sexual intercourse if you do not want to have a child. It is a method of contraception.

    • Protection against HIV and STIs

    • A condom protects you and your partner against HIV and most STIs. However, it does not always fully cover sores, blisters and warts on the skin of your or your partner. This means that you still run a risk of infection with an STI.
      Use a condom when having vaginal sex or anal sex. This will protect you against HIV and lower the risk of getting other STIs.

      Do not get blood or semen in your mouth during oral sex. This makes the risk of infection with HIV very small. Using a condom when having oral sex will lower the risk of getting other STIs. If you and your partner do not want to use a condom, talk to your healthcare provider about getting tested for STIs or HIV.

    • Buying condoms

    • You can buy condoms without a prescription at a pharmacy or supermarket. Sometimes you can also find them in other shops, bars and nightclubs or vending machines. You can also buy condoms on the internet.

      Condoms costs vary but can be bought at an average of 100 Naira. Special condoms, for example with a special flavour or ribs, can cost more than that. Some organisations offer condoms for free. You can ask your healthcare provider how to get good condoms.

    • Female Condoms

    • There are also female condoms. Female condoms are bigger than male's condoms. They are also worn inside the vagina or anus. They prevent pregnancy by preventing the man’s sperm from reaching the woman’s eggs.