Vaginal hygiene

    • Brief

    • A vagina has a natural acidity balance that protects the vagina against infections. Therefore, it is important not to disturb the acidity balance in your vagina. Washing your vagina every day is important.

    • How to take care of your vagina

      • Wash your vagina with water, going from the front to the back.
      • Do not use perfumed soap. It is best to not use any soap at all, but if you must, use a neutral soap that does not irritate.
      • It is not recommended to wash your vagina with the shower head turned directly on your vagina.
      • Wash your anus from the front to the back, away from your vagina.
      • During your menstrual period, change tampons or sanitary towels regularly.
      • Avoid wearing very tight clothing on the lower part of your body.

      Some women shave their pubic hair. You can do this to make your vagina look good or attractive, but it is not necessary for good hygiene.

      If you take good care of your vagina, you run less risk of getting a vaginal infection.

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