Three changes to the vagina during pregnancy

    • Brief

    • During pregnancy, your body experiences several changes. Some changes may be expected, such as weight gain and increased blood volume, while others may be less well known. Changes to the vagina include a change in colour, increased risk of infections, Increased secretions from the vagina and increased blood flow.

      The changes that occur during pregnancy are often reversed after giving birth, but some may persist.

    • Changes to the vagina

    • The changes to the vagina that you may expect during pregnancy are:

      • Vagina secretions: one of the noticeable changes during pregnancy is an increase in vaginal secretion. A normal discharge is thin, white or milky. It may get a bit heavier as the delivery date becomes nearer.
      • Vagina swelling: an increase in blood flow to the vagina can cause the lips of the vagina (labia) and the vagina itself to feel fuller and appear swollen. If you start to notice redness, burning, and itching, it may point towards to an infection. 
      • Vagina varicose vein: this may also happen to the vagina as a result of increased blood flow. It usually disappears in the weeks after delivery. An easy way to relieve the feeling of discomfort is by applying a cold compress and elevating your hips.
    • Keeping your vagina healthy

    • There is an increased risk of vaginal infection during pregnancy. Here are some ways to keep you vagina healthy:

      • Wear clean and breathable underwear. 
      • Eat healthy foods.
      • Reduce sugar intake.
      • Take yoghurt more often as it contains natural probiotics. 
      • Clean up immediately after sex. 
      • Always wipe from front to back after using the bathroom.
      • Do not use a douche to clean you vagina.
      • Do not use a vaginal product without your healthcare provider recommending it.
    • Changes to the vagina after giving birth

    • Whether you have a vaginal delivery or caesarean section, there will likely be some pain, swelling, bruising and pain afterwards. This may be uncomfortable and these symptoms will not go away immediately after birth. You will probably have these symptoms for up to four weeks. If you had a vaginal tear during delivery, or you were cut to ease the delivery of your baby, this healing period may take longer.

      Women who had a vaginal delivery may feel that their vagina is wide and stretched until about six to eight weeks following delivery.

      Some bleeding is common for two to six weeks after giving birth.

      Some of the changes may be sudden, from the increased vagina secretion during pregnancy to the dry vagina experienced during breastfeeding. Using water-based lubricants can improve dryness during sexual intercourse.

    • Kulawa cares

    • Changes to your body during pregnancy can affect your self-esteem. Most of the changes are temporary and with exercise and a healthy balanced diet you will love yourself again soon. If there are unexpected changes to your body, speak with your healthcare provider about them.