Solving sexual problems

    • Brief

    • It would be best to talk with your partner about your sexual problems, what you feel and solve them. Also, talk about what you like and what you do not like in your sex life.

      Pay attention to yourself and your partner. Find time to do something nice together. Create an atmosphere of intimacy. Try to have variety in your sex life.

    • What to do

    • Stimulate your own and your partner’s sexual desire.

      You can:

      • Discuss with your partner how you can improve your sex life. Focus on the benefit of solving the sexual problems for both of you- not on yourself alone.
      • Talk about your sexual fantasies.
      • Look at erotic pictures, watch an erotic movie or read an erotic story.

      Make sure you and your partner are aroused enough when you have sex. If you think you use pornography too much, try to control your behaviour, for example by:

      • Limiting your daily internet use.
      • Doing other activities that you enjoy. For instance: sports or hobbies.

      If you do not find a solution with your partner, or the problem persists, talk to a health professional.