Signs of the upcoming delivery

    • Brief

    • When you feel the signs of your upcoming delivery, you should contact your healthcare provider or go to the healthcare centre immediately.

    • Delivery

    • Signs of upcoming delivery can include the following:

      • You lose a little bit of blood.
      • You lose a mucous plug.
      • You lose amniotic fluid (a clear, yellowish liquid that surrounds the unborn baby).
      • You have regular contractions.

      Contact your healthcare provider if you have one or more of these signs or if you are worried.

    • Caesarean section

    • A caesarean section means the baby is born through an operation. There are many medical reasons for a caesarean section, or you may choose this method. If there is a medical reason, your healthcare provider will speak to you about it and get your consent.

      In the case of a planned caesarean section: the healthcare provider and you decide together about the day on which you will deliver.