Sex during pregnancy

    • Brief

    • You can have sex when you are pregnant. It will not harm your baby when you practice safe sex.

    • How often?

    • Some women want to have sex more often when they are pregnant, while others want it less:

      • In the first months of pregnancy, many women have little interest in sex: they feel nauseous, tired and have painful breasts. Many couples are also worried about the future and feel stressed during this period.
      • However, the vagina, clitoris and nipples are more sensitive. Some women feel like having sex more often.
      • For some women, sex during pregnancy is too painful.

      Some men find it difficult to have sex with their pregnant partner for fear of hurting her or the unborn child (foetus).

    • Not harmful to the foetus

    • Sexual intercourse is not dangerous for the foetus. The uterus protects the foetus. The entrance to the uterus (cervix) is closed. Semen cannot enter the uterus.

      There is no risk of miscarriage, but do not have sexual intercourse if your midwife or gynaecologist advises you not to.

      Sex is more than penetration. There are different kinds of sex. You can also masturbate, caress, massage, cuddle or have oral sex with your partner.

    • Different positions

    • You can try different positions that are more comfortable and less painful. Here are a few ideas:

      • You (the pregnant woman) can sit on top of the man.
      • You and your partner can try spooning. The man and pregnant woman lie on their sides, the man is behind the woman.
      • It may also be comfortable going on your knees (the pregnant woman). The pregnant woman is on her hands and knees. The man sits on his knees behind her.
    • Protection against STIs

    • Protect yourself against STIs with a condom.

      You can infect your foetus with an STI. Get treated by your healthcare provider immediately if you have any symptoms.