Sex work (prostitution)

    • Brief

    • Prostitution means offering sex in exchange for money or other advantages. People working in prostitution are called sex workers or prostitutes.
      Sex workers are often women offering their services to men. Men and transgender people can also be sex workers, and their clients can be men or women.

    • Talking to each other before sex

    • Before having sex, the sex worker and the client should discuss the kind of sex they want and what price. For example, oral sex and/or masturbation and/or vaginal sex with penetration and/or anal sex.
      You can discuss all kinds of sex with the sex worker, but they do not have to accept everything. They will tell you what is possible and what is not and for what price. Both the sex worker and the client should protect their limits and respect the other person’s limits.

    • Safe sex and hygiene

    • Safe sex is important when having sex with a sex worker, both for the sex worker and the client. With safe sex, you protect yourself and the other against STIs and unintended pregnancy:

      • Use a condom when penetration takes place (vaginal and/or anal sexual intercourse). Renew the condom when the penetration lasts for a long time (more than 15 minutes). You can use a water-based lubricant.
      • You can use a condom when having oral sex with a man (blow job). For oral sex with a woman (cunnilingus), cut open the condom and place it over the vulva or use a dental dam.
      • If you have unprotected sex, talk with a health professional to get tested for STIs and HIV.
      • Be careful when using alcohol and drugs during sex. You feel fewer restraints and are less aware of possible risks.

      Practice good personal hygiene. For example, shower, use clean underwear and clean your teeth. You will care for your own body, and you show respect for the sex worker.

    • Tips for sex workers

    • As a sex worker, it is also essential to:

      • Ask to be paid in advance.
      • Trust your intuition and turn away clients that you do not trust.
      • Protect your limits. Be clear with the client about what you want and do not want to do. Nobody can force you to do something against your will.

      Create a safe environment. For example, work in a hotel, inform friends, write down names and telephone numbers of clients.

      You have the right to stop sexual contact at any moment if you think something is not OK.

    • Prostitution and the law

    • Prostitution is illegal in most northern states in Nigeria owing to the sharia law. However, in western and southern states, the legal status is unclear. Forced prostitution and human trafficking are forbidden by law everywhere in Nigeria and Africa.