• Brief

    • Pornography shows sexual behaviour in pictures, films, drawings or texts. People use pornography to get sexually aroused. Many people like pornography; others do not.

    • Pornography and sex in reality

    • Pornography is not the same as real sex. For example, in pornography, people:

      • Have slim bodies, a large penis or large breasts.
      • Want and can have sex all the time.
      • Do not show any real emotions.

      Reality is usually not like this. Discover with your partner what you enjoy in your sex life.

    • Too much pornography

    • Watching pornography can become a problem if you do it very often without having it under control. If you feel you need it every day and you need it more and more, you can talk to a healthcare provider about it.

    • Pornography and the law

    • Watching pornography is allowed by law under certain conditions. Child pornography is always forbidden by law.