Pelvic floor muscles

    • Brief

    • Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles at the bottom of the belly. Both men and women have pelvic floor muscles.

      These muscles have three functions:

      • They keep the bladder, bowel (women and men) and uterus (women) in the right place.
      • They prevent urine and faeces from leaving the body unintentionally (preventing you from peeing or pooping on yourself).
      • They are important for sexual pleasure and sexual well-being.

      You can train your pelvic floor muscles through repeated kegel exercises.

    • Pelvic floor muscles in women

    • If a woman is anxious or tense, she can unwillingly contract the pelvic floor muscles during sexual intercourse. The vagina can then become too tight, making penetration difficult or impossible. Try to find out what is causing the muscles to contract.

      Talking about it with your partner can help. If a woman contracts her pelvic floor muscles during orgasm, she can increase the pleasure she feels. During pregnancy, the woman’s pelvic floor muscles stretch. After delivery, the muscles may need exercise to recover. Ask a healthcare provider for advice.

    • Pelvic floor muscles in men

    • Pelvic floor muscles help a man to get and keep an erection.