Partner choice

    • Brief

    • In Nigeria, everyone is free to choose their partner and decide who they want to marry. 

      Forced marriage is forbidden by law. Forced marriage is a form of abuse against women, men and children. It involves emotional, psychological, physical, financial and even sexual abuse. The United Nations recognises it as a form of human abuse, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that the right of a person to choose a spouse and enter a union freely is central to their life, dignity and equality as human beings.

    • Forced marriage is illegal in Nigeria

    • In Nigeria, Section 13 of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 (VAPP Act) criminalises and declares forced marriage as a harmful traditional practice that is unlawful. The Constitution of Nigeria provides for the right to personal liberty, dignity of the human person, right to freedom of thoughts, conscience and religion. These are fundamental rights of every Nigerian citizen, and forced marriage is a violation of these rights. Section 3(d) of the Matrimonial Causes Act provides that a marriage will be void where consent was not obtained or wrongly obtained.

      An arranged marriage is when parents or other family members choose a partner for their child. When both spouses-to-be fully agree to the wedding, this is a legal marriage.