• Brief

    • During sex, men and women can go through various phases of arousal. The stage of highest arousal is the orgasm.

    • Ejaculation

    • Men often ejaculate when they have an orgasm. Some women have a thin white vaginal discharge during orgasm, similar to ejaculation.

    • Female orgasm

    • Women can reach orgasm in different ways. For example through:

      • Stimulation of the clitoris.
      • Penetration of the vagina.
      • Stimulation of other body parts, like the anus and the nipples.

      Women often need more than penetration of the vagina alone to have an orgasm. The woman or her partner can stimulate the clitoris or other body parts at the same time.

    • Satisfying sex life

    • You do not need to have an orgasm each time you have sex. Many people do not always have an orgasm. This is normal. You and your partner can have a very satisfying sex life without an orgasm.

    • Multiple and simultaneous orgasms

    • Men and women can have several orgasms close together, but this is certainly not always the case:

      • Some women can have several orgasms in a short period.
      • Men need more time between 2 orgasms. It can take some minutes or some hours before another orgasm can be reached. If a man has several orgasms in a short period, he does not always ejaculate.

      The partners may have an orgasm at the same time (simultaneously). However, this does not often happen because it is difficult to control an orgasm. It is difficult to wait until the right moment. Do not focus on having an orgasm together because it can spoil the fun of sex.