Methods of contraception

    • Brief

    • There are several methods of preventing pregnancy (contraception). Some contraception methods are temporary like a barrier and natural family planning, while others are permanent. Both partners are responsible for contraception. Please talk with your partner about it.

    • Barrier methods

    • Barrier methods of contraception prevent sperm cells from reaching the egg cell. They form a barrier between sperm and the eggs:

      • Male condom.
      • Female condom.
      • Diaphragm (or cap).

    • Methods with hormones

    • The hormones prevent sperm cells from fertilizing an egg cell:

      • They prevent ovulation.
      • They make it more difficult for sperm cells to enter the womb (uterus) and reach the egg cell.

      The hormones also make sure that even if it gets fertilized, the egg cell cannot be implanted. These contraceptive hormones come in the following forms:

      • Contraceptive pill.
      • Vaginal ring.
      • Contraceptive patch.
      • Hormonal IUD.
      • Contraceptive implant.
      • Contraceptive injection.

    • Methods inserted in the uterus by a doctor

    • A doctor puts these methods of contraception inside the woman’s womb (uterus) through her vagina:

      • Hormonal IUD like mirena.
      • Copper IUD, like copper T.

      They usually last for between 5 to 10 years, depending on the type.

    • Natural family planning

    • Natural family planning means that no methods of contraception are used. There are various methods of natural family planning:

      • Not having sexual intercourse.
      • Not having sexual intercourse when a woman is in her fertile days.
      • Withdrawing the penis before the man ejaculates.
      • Breast-feeding.

      These methods are difficult to use correctly. As a result, they are less reliable than contraception. Around 1 in 4 women get pregnant while using natural family planning.

    • Permanent contraception

    • Sterilization is permanent contraception. A doctor performs a minor operation on the man or the woman. Sterilization prevents sperm cells from reaching the egg cell. Abortion is not a method of contraception. You have an abortion when you are already pregnant.