• Brief

    • A marriage is the official union between two partners. For a marriage to be legal, a marriage must meet certain conditions.

      Some people marry out of love, others marry out of practical reasons such as financial benefits, power, status or children. The marriage can be arranged, or take place because both partners choose to marry.

      Marriage involves a commitment from both partners.

      People can also end a marriage. This is called divorce.

    • Arranged marriage

    • In an arranged marriage, the parents or other family members choose the person their children or younger relatives will marry. Both men and women can be married off.

      The youngsters can often decide if they want to get married or not, but this is not always the case. Everyone has the right to choose a partner. If you do not want to marry the partner who has been chosen for you, talk about it to someone you can trust, or ask for professional help.

    • Mixed marriage and marriage migration

    • A mixed marriage is a marriage between 2 people with a different cultural, ethnic or religious background.

      Marriage migration means that one of the partners moves to the country where the other partner is living.

    • Same-sex marriage

    • Nigeria recognizes neither same-sex marriages nor civil unions for same-sex couples. Homosexuality can land men up to 14 years in prison in southern Nigeria and can even result in capital punishment for men in areas under Sharia Islamic Law.