Man’s visible sexual organs

    • Brief

    • A man’s visible (external) sexual organs are:

      • Penis.
      • Glans.
      • Scrotum.

      The glans is the sensitive tip of the penis. The foreskin is wrapped around the glans. You can move the foreskin backwards and forwards. When men are circumcised, this foreskin is removed. As a result, they no longer have a foreskin or part of the foreskin.

      The pee hole lies in the glans.

    • Penis and scrotum

    • The penis has two functions:

      • When the penis is soft: urine can leave the body through the penis.
      • When the penis is hard (erection): semen can leave the body through the penis.

      Semen and urine cannot leave the penis at the same time even though they both come out of the same hole (pee hole).

      A man who is aroused can get an erection. The penis then swells with blood. Men often have a hard penis when they wake up in the morning. However, early morning erections are not caused by sexual arousal.

      During sexual intercourse, the penis enters the vagina (penetration). The scrotum contains the balls (testes). Sperm production occurs in these testes.

    • Types of penises

    • The size and shape of the penis can vary. Some men have a large penis, and others have a smaller one. The size of the erect penis and the soft penis can vary from man to man. Some men have a curved penis, and others have a straighter one. The way the penis looks is not important for its functions or for good sex.