Man’s internal sexual organs

    • Brief

    • The sexual organs inside a man’s body (internal sexual organs) are:

      • Testicles
      • Epididymi
      • Sperm ducts
      • Prostate
      • Seminal vesicles.

      A man also has pelvic floor muscles at the bottom of his belly. They are not sexual organs, but are important to a man’s sexual well-being and sexual pleasure.

    • Testicles

      • A man has 2 testicles (balls): one of the testicles may be smaller than the other one and hang a bit lower.
      • The testicles sit in the scrotum (a thin sack of skin).
      • They produce millions of sperm cells.
    • Epididymides

      • A man has 2 epididymides (tightly coiled tubes).
      • Each one is connected to a testicle.
      • Sperm cells produced in the testicles, mature in the epididymides during 2-6 days.
    • Sperm ducts

      • A man has 2 sperm ducts (tubes).
      • Each one is connected to one epididymis.
      • They transport the sperm cells to the prostate.
    • Prostate

    • The prostate lies below the bladder. It is the size of a walnut.

      Fluid is added to the sperm cells in the prostate. Together the fluid and the sperm cells make up the semen. During ejaculation, the prostate contracts and pushes out the semen. The entrance of the bladder also contracts at the same time. This prevents semen from entering the bladder and stops urine from leaking into the semen.

    • Seminal vesicles

    • A man has 2 seminal vesicles, which are glands that produce most of the fluid in the semen. They lie next to the prostate.