Body types for men

    • Brief

    • Knowing your body as a man and understanding different body types is important. It helps you manage your life better by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your body type. Body types affect decisions you make with regards to fitness, diet, and what clothes to wear. This knowledge also prepares you for the challenges you may face because of your body type.

    • What is your body type?

    • Your body can be classified in two ways. It can be by the shape of your body or how your body functions. There are 5 types of body shapes that you may fall into. They include:

      • Rectangular shape: if your waist and hips are of the same size but are both wider than your shoulders, you fall in this category.
      • Oval shape: this is a common body shape that is characterized by a wide waist, slim hips and chest. It is also called the apple shape.
      • Triangular shape: this is a similar body shape to oval except that the shoulders, chest, waist and hips are almost of equal measurements.
      • Inverted triangle shape: this body shape is commonly found among athletes or men who exercise constantly. This shape makes you have broad and muscular shoulders making your upper body wider than your waist and hips.
      • Trapezoid shape: people with this shape have a wide chest, broad shoulders and narrow waist.
    • How your body functions

    • Depending on how your body grows and develops from what you eat, your body type can differ from other people's. There are three main types:

      • Endomorph: this body type is characterized by a round body frame. People in this category are usually short and gain weight easily with more fat than muscles. Men with this body type are advised to follow a fitness routine that helps with muscle gain and minimizes fat gain, such as carrying weights.
      • Ectomorph: this type is characterized by a small, thin and bony frame. People in this category find it hard to gain weight even when they eat a lot. They are usually flat-chested and have a high metabolic rate. The best type of diet for this category is high-calorie food such as rice, beans, vegetables and fish. To gain weight eat more than three meals per day.
      • Mesomorph: This body type is common in athletes. They have large bones and muscles. Their fitness routine is quite easy as compared to the other types, as they can easily gain or lose weight or muscle mass.

      Not everybody fits exactly into one of these three categories, but has elements of two or more.

    • Things that can change your body type

      • Age: the fat in your body increases as you get older. You may notice that you gain more weight without necessarily eating much.
      • Diet: the type of foods you eat can change your body type. Some foods increase the fat in your body and some give more energy.
      • Exercise: exercises such as weight lifting, running and push-ups can help with muscle gain and fat loss.

      Some disease conditions or hormonal changes may also affect your body type.

    • Kulawa cares

    • Your confidence in your body can be boosted by your knowledge of your body shape and type. Whatever shape or body type you fall into, make it your own. Grow into being you and make changes in your diet, fitness routine and fashion choices that fit your body type.