Living without HIV treatment

    • Brief

    • HIV treatment helps reduce the amount of HIV in your blood (viral load). If it is left untreated, it may progress to AIDS and lead to death.

    • Symptoms of untreated HIV

    • If you are HIV-positive and o not get treated for HIV, you may have the following symptoms:

      • In the first weeks, you may get symptoms resembling the flu, a rash or swollen lymph nodes.
      • Then follows a period without symptoms.
      • After some time (this can be 2 years or more) you may get new complaints and/or various new symptoms.
      • HIV attacks your body's defence system. Without treatment, you will get AIDS after several years. Your body’s immune system is so weak that you will be prone to many other infections. These infections may lead to death.
    • Living with HIV when treated

    • If you have HIV, the sooner you are treated, the less serious are the consequences of HIV for your health. You can lead a normal life and live just as long as someone who does not have HIV.
      If you are treated, there is almost no risk of infecting other people through unprotected sex.

    • HIV test

    • Get yourself tested if you think you may have HIV. Ask your healthcare provider for help.