Living with a baby

    • Brief

    • The first six weeks with a baby can be a bit challenging for any parent. However, as time goes by parents learn to adjust to life with a baby.

    • Life changes

    • Being a parent changes your life a lot.

      You may:

      • Feel a great responsibility for the baby, who is dependent on you for food, care and love.
      • Feel insecure and scared about the baby’s emotions and needs. You only get to know these little by little.
      • Become short of sleep because you have to get up at night to attend to your baby.
      • Have difficulties breastfeeding (women).
      • Worry about the future.
      • Have to give up previous habits and hobbies.
      • Have to plan your activities carefully.
    • Social life

    • Your social contacts may change. For example, you may:

      • Want to spend a lot of time with your baby.
      • Get to know new people who also have children.
      • Move and get new neighbours.
      • Have to plan more in advance: some contacts may become less intense or spontaneous.

      Both the mother and father of the baby experience changes.

      Changes are normal. It takes some time to get used to the new situation.