Kinds of sexual problems

    • Brief

    • Many people, both young and old, experience a sexual problem during their lifetime. This is normal. Most sexual problems disappear on their own after a short time.

      They are often caused by stress, disease, tiredness, relationship problems or partners having different expectations of their sex life.

    • Common sexual problems

    • These can include:

      • No or less sexual desire.
      • One of the partners has more or less sexual desire than the other.
      • A dry vagina.
      • Premature ejaculation.
      • Problems with having an erection.
      • No orgasm, or an orgasm that comes too quickly.
      • Too much tension comes from the pelvic floor muscles.
      • Pain during penetration.
    • Pornography addiction

    • Some people get addicted to pornography. Watching pornography too much and too often can become a problem. It can cause you to have unrealistic expectations of sex. It can also influence your social life or cause tensions in your relationship.