Kinds of relationship problems

    • Brief

    • You can encounter different problems in a relationship. From simple differences in opinion to things that you consider more important.

    • Differences

    • Your relationship problems may come from:

      • Having different opinions or expectations.
      • Not feeling respected by your partner.
      • Falling in love with someone else.
      • You or your partner is jealous.
      • Partner violence.
      • Not being in love (anymore).

      Routine or predictability can be a problem in a relationship, but it does not have to be. For some people, it makes the relationship more effortless and more stable.

      Mental or physical difficulties or diseases can lead to relationship problems.

      Relationship problems often lead to sexual problems or the other way around.

    • Finding a solution

    • If you have relationship problems, you can try to talk with your partner or someone you can trust. If necessary, you can also look for professional help. It takes time to solve a relationship problem. If you cannot solve the problems after trying for a long time, separation or divorce can be an option if you are married.