Kinds of delivery

    • Brief

    • Delivery is the process of childbirth. There are two ways you can deliver your baby through the vagina or surgically (caesarean section).

      No delivery type is more important than the other. The goal is to ensure mother and baby are healthy.

    • Vaginal delivery

    • During a vaginal delivery, the baby is born through the mother’s vagina. Many babies are born this way.

      Vaginal delivery may not suit you if there is a possible danger to the child or your own health.

    • Surgical delivery

    • Surgical delivery is also called caesarean section. The doctor makes an incision in the mother’s belly to take out the baby. The incision is made just above the pubic hair.

      This may be right for you if you choose it for convenience or because of medical concerns for your health or the baby's.

    • Reasons why you may require a caesarean section

    • Some of the most common reasons for a caesarean section are:

      • The mother’s pelvis is too narrow to let the baby through.
      • The placenta is in the entrance to the uterus (cervix) or the placenta has become detached.
      • Part of the umbilical cord has come out through the cervix.
      • The baby’s head is not lying downwards.
      • There is more than one baby.
      • Mother or child has a disease that makes vaginal delivery impossible.