How to keep your skin beautiful, naturally

    • Brief

    • Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It protects the body, regulates body temperature, and removes body wastes, to name a few of its critical functions. Many people think that they need serums and creams for the perfect skin. The truth is that you can have beautiful skin naturally. Here are some tips to improve your skin.

    • What you can do to keep your skin young and beautiful?

      • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. The vitamins they contain are beneficial to your health and help improve your skin.
      • Manage your stress by setting realistic goals and boundaries for yourself. Stress makes your skin vulnerable to acne and other skin conditions.
      • Be gentle with your skin, do not scrub regularly. Instead, gently cleanse your skin with warm water and mild soaps for your face, body and hands.
      • Moisturize your skin by regularly applying a skin cream. You may choose to use one that contains Vitamin A to minimize wrinkles.
      • Protect your skin from the sun. The sun’s rays cause wrinkles, spots and increase your risk of skin cancer. Apply sunscreen lotions or creams when you are exposed to sunlight.
      • Stop smoking cigarettes. Smoking reduces your blood flow, which reduces the nutrients that reach your skin and destroys proteins that keep your skin elastic.

      Do not use medicines without prescription, especially triple-action creams containing antibacterial, antifungal and corticosteroid drugs.  Misusing such medicines can worsen your skin condition. See a healthcare provider for proper treatment.