How to use a condom

    • Brief

    • Learning how to use a condom can make it more reliable and enhance sexual pleasure. Condoms are available in different sizes, depending on the thickness of the penis. The condom should not be too tight or too loose. Use rubber condoms only once because they may tear. Don’t use two condoms at the same time.

      The female condom is only available in one size. Ensure that you wear it correctly.

      Only use water-based lubricants on the condom. Make sure you use lots of water-based lubricants when having anal sex.

    • Steps in using a condom

    • Put on a condom before penetration. Do it in the following ways:

      • Check that the expiry date has not yet passed. Only use condoms with the CE quality label on the wrapping.
      • Tear the pouch open at the incision. Do not use scissors, a knife or your teeth and be careful with long fingernails. You may damage the condom.
      • Pull pack the foreskin if the penis is not circumcised. Squeeze the tip of the condom to leave room for the semen and put the condom on top of the penis. The penis should be hard (erection).
      • Make sure the rolled-up rim of the condom is on the outside. Roll down the condom over the entire penis so it does not slip off during sex.
      • After ejaculation, take the condom off the penis. Do this while the penis is still hard and hold the condom by the rim.
      • Make sure no semen leaks out of the condom.
      • Tie the condom in a knot. This prevents semen from spilling out. Throw the used condom in a bin.
    • Storing a condom

    • You should store a condom in a cool place. Do not put a condom in your wallet. This can damage the condom. Put the condom in your handbag, for example, or in the pocket of your coat or shirt.

    • Buying a condom

    • You can buy condoms without a prescription at a pharmacy or supermarket. Sometimes you can also find them in other shops, bars and nightclubs or vending machines. You can also buy condoms on the internet.

      Condoms costs vary but can be bought at an average of 100 Naira. Special condoms, for example with a special flavour or ribs, can cost more than that. Some organisations offer condoms for free, for example, you can get condoms when you get a voluntary HIV test in a primary healthcare centre in Nigeria. You can ask your healthcare provider how to get good condoms.