Tips to stop snoring

    • Brief

    • Snoring is a disturbing sound made during deep sleep. It is not peculiar to anyone because even children make soft snores when they have a stuffy nose. Snoring occurs when there is vibration in the relaxed tissues of your throat, which is often heard when you breathe out during sleep. This happens because the nose and throat are connected. It can be caused by a sleep disorder, excess weight or a problem with your airways.

      You can often stop snoring by stopping harmful habits or starting helpful ones. At other times, you may require over-the-counter medicine, prescription medicine or surgery to correct the problem.

    • Tips that can help you stop snoring

      • Maintain a healthy weight. Eat less and exercise more to get to a healthy weight.
      • Do not go to bed late. Sleep early by 10 pm to get your 6-8 hours rest.
      • Sleep on your side. If necessary, support your back with pillows to help you sleep on your side.
      • Treat allergies with over-the-counter (OTC) medicines like loratadine or chlorpheniramine.
      • Reduce your intake of alcohol, especially shortly before bedtime.
      • Stop smoking as it can make snoring worse.
      • Download sleep cycle applications that measure your sleeping pattern. It helps you know your period of deep sleep and the possible time you might snore. It can alarm you to wake or stir in bed. If you do not have this resource, make your housemates or partner wake you when you snore.
      • Discuss with your healthcare provider to treat underlying medical conditions.
    • Kulawa cares

    • Snoring is a natural condition that affects everybody. It may be due to an underlying condition like an allergy. It becomes embarrassing when it occurs frequently or becomes loud. You should discuss this with your healthcare provider in order to identify the cause.