Hormonal IUD

    • Brief

    • A hormonal IUD is a method of contraception. A hormonal IUD is a plastic tube in a T-shape. It contains one hormone.

    • How does the hormonal IUD work?

    • A hormonal IUD works as follows:

      • The hormone makes it more difficult for sperm cells to reach the mucous membrane of the cervix. The sperm cells will then have difficulties reaching the uterus, where the egg cell is located.
      • The hormone prevents the implantation of an egg cell.

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      A doctor or midwife places the IUD into the woman’s uterus during the first seven days of her cycle.

      A hormonal IUD works for five years. After five years it needs to be replaced.

      When the IUD is inserted, two short threads are left outside of the uterus. They are deep in the vagina, where you can feel them. This means that you can always check that the IUD is still in place.

    • How reliable is the hormonal IUD?

    • A hormonal IUD is extremely reliable.

    • No damage to your health

    • A hormonal IUD contains one hormone. This hormone usually does not affect your health. However, in some cases, it is better to choose a different method of contraception. Ask a doctor/midwife for advice.

      There is also a copper IUD. This is an IUD with a copper thread. The copper stops the sperm cells from moving.

      The hormonal IUD does not make you less fertile. If you want to get pregnant, you have the IUD removed.

      During the first months of use, you may have side effects such as acne, tender breasts, and headaches. These effects usually disappear spontaneously. If they do not disappear, consult a doctor.

      Your menstrual periods can become less heavy and often stop altogether.

    • No protection against STIs and HIV

    • The hormonal IUD does not protect against STIs or HIV. Only a condom can protect you.

    • Where to buy a hormonal IUD

    • You can get a hormonal IUD from the hospital or pharmacy. You will require a prescription from a healthcare provider because it requires a specialist to insert it.

      You can get this type of contraceptive at a public hospital for free, but you will need to pay for consumables like hand gloves that will be used.