• Brief

    • Some people have romantic and/or sexual feelings for people of the same sex. Both men and women can be homosexual. Men who feel attracted to other men are called homosexual or gay; women who feel attracted to other women are called homosexual or lesbian. Some people feel attracted to both men and women. They are called bisexuals.

      Someone can be homosexual without wanting to have sex or a relationship with someone of the same sex.

      Some people only have homosexual feelings during a certain period of their lives.

      Everyone chooses whether to call themselves homosexual, lesbian or bisexual. For instance, some men may have sex with men, but do not call themselves homosexual.

    • Why are people homosexual?

    • It is unknown why people feel attracted to the same sex, the other, or both sexes. However, we do know that:

      • Being homosexual is not a choice. It comes naturally.
      • Homosexuality occurs in all countries and cultures. In Nigeria, homosexuality is common and a part of many cultures.

      Discrimination against any person is forbidden by law. However, unfair laws are criminalizing the activity of homosexuals in Nigeria.

      In many countries around the world, it is forbidden by law to treat people differently and exclude or place limitations on people because of their homosexuality.