Having an untreated sexually transmitted infection (STI)

    • Brief

    • Medical treatment can cure most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or treat the symptoms. If you do not get treatment, you might infect your partner. A condom protects you and your partner against most STIs.

    • Consequences of an untreated STI

    • Possible consequences of an untreated STI are:

      • Pain during sexual intercourse.
      • Difficulties getting pregnant (infertility).
      • Certain types of cancer.
      • Inflammations.
      • Damage to the heart, blood vessels, brain or nervous system.
    • Get treated

    • Get yourself tested if you want to make sure you don’t have an STI.
      The sooner you are treated, the less serious are the consequences of an STI. If you get treatment early, most STIs can be cured or the symptoms can disappear, without lasting damage to your health.