Good sex

    • Brief

    • There are no rules to define what is good sex and what is not. It varies from person to person. Good sex is whatever feels good to you and your partner.
      Discuss with your partner how often, how long, where and how you have sex. Together you can find a sex life that you both enjoy. If necessary, you can also talk to a healthcare provider.

    • More about good sex

    • You do not have to like or do everything while having sex; it is essential to discuss your limits. Let your partner know what you are open to trying and what things you would not do.

      The frequency of sex changes in the course of a relationship. Usually, a couple may have more sex at some time than at other times. This is not a problem unless you are uncomfortable with it.

      Everybody’s desire for sex is different, and some people have a higher sex drive than others. Even your sex drive can vary from day to day, depending on your mood, atmosphere and your arousal.