Good relationship

    • Brief

    • There is no general definition of a good relationship. You and your partner have to decide what a good relationship is for both of you.

    • Important aspects

    • Some essential aspects of a good relationship may be:

      • Equality: both partners are equal. One partner does not dominate the other.
      • Respect and acceptance: you and your partner are two different people. You will always be different, and you accept this.
      • Trust: you trust each other and confide in each other.
      • Communication: you express your feelings and wishes to one and other.
      • Time: you spend time with each other.
      • Interests: you share the same interests.

      For some people, it is essential that you love each other in a relationship. For other people, a good relationship is based on friendship. A good relationship is about how you both feel. You and your partner decide if the relationship feels good.