Gender equality

    • Brief

    • Harassment, threats, insults or violence because of someone’s sex or gender are forbidden by law. Anyone convicted of this can be punished with jail time.

    • Gender and sexual orientation

      • Gender identity means whether a person feels like a woman or a man. It is possible for a person to be born a girl but feel like a boy and the other way around. A person can also feel that they are neither a woman nor a man or can feel like both.
      • Gender roles are society’s expectations about how a man or a woman should behave.

      A person’s gender or sex must not be a motive for violence by others. When done on the basis of sex or gender, it can be recognized as an aggravating circumstance and result in severe punishment.

      In Nigeria, however, there are no protections for people with same-sex sexual orientation. The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act (SSMPA 2014) criminalizes the marriage (including other civil partnerships) and social activity of homosexuals in Nigeria.

    • Discrimination

    • Nigerian law forbids any discrimination based on sex or gender but criminalizes the activity of same-sex partners.

      In other words:

      • Discrimination because you are a woman or a man (biological sex) is prohibited. Men and women have equal rights according to the law.
      • There are no laws specifically addressing discrimination based on gender identity and expression.
      • The SSMPA prohibits homosexual activities in Nigeria.