Female condom

    • Brief

    • The female condom is a method of contraception.

      It is a rubber pouch. The pouch has a flexible ring at both ends: a thin outer ring and a thick inner ring. It collects the semen when a man ejaculates.

    • How to put on a female condom

    • Put on a female condom before penetration. Do it in the following way:

      • Check that the expiry date has not yet passed. Only use condoms with the CE quality label on the wrapping.
      • Put a lubricant on the inside and outside of the condom. Some may already have a lubricant, and you do not need to put on more if you are OK with it.
      • Squeeze the inner ring.
      • Put the condom up inside the vagina.
      • Put one finger inside the condom and push the ring up as far as possible. Be careful that the condom does not move and that the penis is always inside the condom during penetration.
      • The outer ring keeps the condom in place when having sexual intercourse. It stays outside the body and covers the area around the vagina.
      • After sex, take the outer ring and twist it a bit while you pull out the condom. Pay attention that semen does not enter the vagina.
      • Throw the used condom in a bin.
    • Is the female condom reliable?

    • When a female condom is used correctly, it is a very reliable method of contraception.

      However, the female condom is often not used in the way explained above. In this case, the condom is much less reliable.

    • Do female condoms protect against HIV and STIs?

    • The female condom protects against HIV and reduces the risk of infection with an STI.

      The female condom and the condom for men are the only methods of contraception that can protect you against HIV and STIs.

    • Where can I buy a female condom?

    • You can buy female condoms at pharmacies and in convenience stores.

      They are also available for free at public hospitals in Nigeria. You can get some when you go for an HIV screening test.