Family planning and contraception

    • Brief

    • Every woman in Nigeria has the right to use contraception of their own choice. Your healthcare provider is required by law to give the information you need to make a decision and the products you request or to direct you to where these products are available.

    • Your healthcare provider can't tell other people

    • A healthcare provider that prescribes contraception is obliged by law to respect their patient's (your) privacy. They are not allowed to give information to other people about the use of contraception by their patients, even if they are under 18.

      All contraceptive products are available free of charge in public hospitals; in some cases, you may be requested to pay for consumables like disposable hand gloves. You may have to pay the total amount in private hospitals or pharmacies or pay a small percentage of the cost if you have health insurance.

    • Care when pregnant

    • Every pregnant woman has the right to professional care before, during and after delivery. In Nigeria, access to healthcare centres and skilled childbirth is low. You should identify a healthcare centre when you are pregnant, attend antenatal care there and plan or prepare to put to birth at the centre.

      You will need to cover the cost of your healthcare and delivery, or pay a small contribution if you have health insurance.