Falling in love with someone else

    • Brief

    • Anyone can fall in love with someone who is not their partner.

    • Falling in love

    • You can fall in love with someone for several reasons. For example:

      • You feel physical attraction.
      • You like specific characteristics of this person.
      • You have a problem in an existing relationship.
      • You miss the excitement of being in love.

      These feelings can disappear, but not immediately. It is up to you to decide what you want to do.

      If you continue your relationship, decide if you want to tell your partner or not. Telling your partner can be a strong sign that you choose your relationship and partner rather than the other person. It may also hurt your partner’s feelings, lead to distrust or make the relationship more complicated. If it is too difficult to talk with your partner, you can talk about the situation with someone you trust.