• Brief

    • Masturbation is not something to feel guilty or ashamed about, rather it is an act of sexual self-pleasure that has some mental and physical benefits.

      When done in excess, it may interfere with daily activities and may affect your personal relationships.

    • What is masturbation?

    • Masturbation is an act of sexual self-pleasure that usually involves the genitals. Most men and women can reach an orgasm by masturbating. masturbation may involve the use of sex toys. There is no need for feeling of fear, shame or guilt. Here are some practical tips to improve your experience: 

      • Create a safe environment where you have enough privacy.
      • Wash your hands, keep nails short, trimmed and clean.
      • Clean sex toys before and after using them. You can disinfect them as per the manufacturer's instructions.
      • Don't share sex toys. It is just as risky as having unprotected sex. You can use a condom if you intend to use a sex toy with a partner during sex.

    • Benefits of masturbation

    • Masturbation has been shown to have many mental and physical benefits, including:

      • It relieves sexual tension.
      • It relieves stress.
      • It serves as a mood booster.
      • It increases sexual pleasure.
      • It helps you to better understand your body and what gets you to reach orgasm.
      • Self-pleasure can help reduce some pregnancy symptoms like back pain.

    • Excessive masturbation

    • Excessive masturbation occurs when the frequency of masturbation affects your daily activities and your overall wellbeing. This is very rare. Signs of excessive masturbation are:

      • It is affecting your relationships.
      • You masturbate rather than doing your routine activities. 
      • You avoid going to work, events and outdoor activities.

      If you are worried about the frequency of masturbation and feel you might be addicted to it, seek help from a healthcare provider.

    • Kulawa cares

    • Masturbation is a self-pleasuring act that should be enjoyed without guilt or shame. If you worry that you might be doing it in excess, divert your energy to something else like sports or exercise.