Dry Orgasm – What is Dry Orgasm?

    • Brief

    • The release of semen or ‘cum’ is characteristic of male orgasm. As a result, most people believe that all male sexual climax involves ‘cumming’. However, in some situations, men can climax without releasing any semen, a dry orgasm.

      In a dry orgasm, the person may feel all the pleasure of a sexual climax without the semen. It is often not a cause of concern, but it can be troubling for men that want to have children.

    • What are the causes?

    • Several things can cause dry orgasms. Some of them include:

      • Repeated orgasms.
      • Stress or other mental factors.
      • Blockage of the outflow tract of sperm.
      • Lack of testosterone (you may be born with this condition or may acquire it during their lifetime).
      • Backflow of semen into the bladder, where the semen mixes with urine.
      • Drugs for high blood pressure, prostate disease and mood disorders.
      • After surgeries for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate.
      • Radiotherapy in the genital area.
      • Nerve problems due to diabetes, spinal injuries and multiple sclerosis.
      • Genetic disorders of sperm production or storage.
    • When to visit a doctor?

    • Although occasional dry orgasms may not be a problem, you should see your doctor if you:

      • Have dry orgasms at every sexual encounter.
      • Had surgery or radiotherapy in your genitals.
      • Are trying to father a child.
    • How to prevent?

    • Dry orgasms are nothing to be ashamed of and, in most cases, are harmless, but you may prevent it by:

      • Reducing the frequency of masturbation.
      • Taking breaks between sexual activity.
      • Using drugs for the treatment of diabetes and multiple sclerosis strictly.
    • How to manage and treat?

    • Self-care tips

      The following tips may help you when dealing with dry orgasms:

      • Reduce the frequency of masturbation.
      • Take a break from sexual activity for a few days.
      • Take note of any new medications you are using.
      • Find out the similarities in the situations you have a dry orgasm. It could be related to what you are thinking of or what kind of sexual activity you are having.

      Treatment options

      The following are options that your provider may offer to you depending on the cause of dry orgasms and your specific concerns:

      • Adjusting and changing drugs that are causing this condition.
      • Fertility treatments like sperm collection for IVF and intrauterine insemination if you and your partner are trying to have a baby.
      • Drugs like imipramine or chlorpheniramine will prevent the backflow of semen into the bladder.
      • Counselling to treat psychological causes.
      • Other options for people with genetic conditions or an inability to produce sperm who do want to have children, include adoption and sperm donation.
    • Kulawa cares

    • Dry orgasms can be very scary. Although you cannot cure this condition, you can treat the causes or work around them. In many cases, you can treat this condition with simple techniques like abstinence or adjusting medications. Before surgeries or other treatments that may cause dry orgasms, discuss options for preserving your sperm, like sperm banking, is vital.