• What type of medicine is this?

    • Dopamine is a low blood pressure medicine. To get this drug, you need a prescription.

      Dopamine is useful in any of the following conditions:

      • To treat shock which may be a result of low blood pressure, heart attack or kidney problems.
      • To treat reduced blood flow to important organs in the body such as the kidneys.
      • Dopamine is also used in patients who are diagnosed with low blood pressure.
    • What is the medicine used for?

    • Dopamine is a medication that treats low blood pressure and poor blood flow to your kidneys. In its natural form it is known as the ‘happy hormone’. This drug works by helping your heart pump blood more efficiently. In turn, this improves the flow of blood to your kidneys. Before taking dopamine, inform your health care provider if you have asthma, diabetes or suffer from depression.

      Dopamine is a prescription-only medicine. It is injected into your veins by a healthcare provider.

    • How to take this medicine?

      • Your healthcare provider will likely dilute dopamine before giving it to you.
      • Dopamine is available as an injection. You should inform your healthcare provider if you notice any pain or swelling around the injection site.
    • What are the side-effects?

    • Dopamine may causes serious side effects. You should reach out to your healthcare provider if these side effects do not go on their own in a few days.
      The side effects may include:

      • Feeling like you will faint. Your head may feel light.
      • Chest pain.
      • Cold hands and feet.
    • What to know before taking this medicine?

    • Inform your healthcare provider of any other health condition you have or medications you have used in the past month. This is to prevent any bad reaction to dopamine.
      The following are important things to note before taking dopamine:
      • Dopamine should not be used in a patient who is on depression medicines. Your healthcare provider would know the best way to combine the medicines.
      • Some heart conditions may get worse after using dopamine.
      • It may affect the level of milk production in breastfeeding women.
      • Dopamine may increase the effect of drugs that help increase urine production.
      Remember to keep your dopamine medication and other medicines away from children. Also, do not share your medicines with other people.