Diabetes: frequently asked questions

    • Brief

    • You may have questions about your condition, and it is best to speak with your healthcare provider in person.

      Here, we have compiled answers to questions commonly asked by patients.

    • Can I eat sweet food?

    • Yes, you can.

      But you should control the number or portion sizes of the sweet products that you eat or drink and preferably choose products with ‘healthier sugars’, such as a piece of fruit or freshly squeezed juice.

    • Is honey any better than sugar?

    • Not really, both of them will raise your blood sugar level.

      Honey is sweeter, and you may use less than the quantity of sugar for the same sweetness. So, use honey in moderation and keep your eyes on your blood sugar level.

    • Can I switch from my diabetes drugs to herbs?

    • Don't stop using your medicines (or start using a supplement) without speaking to your healthcare provider.

      Diabetes is a chronic condition. Special medicines are required to maintain normal sugar levels and prevent the complications that happen with the disease. Taking herbs in combination with your medication can be dangerous.

    • What if you have medicines for other conditions?

    • Inform your doctor if you are using medications for other medical conditions, such as hypertension and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Your healthcare provider must know about these to be able to advise you properly.

    • Can I infect other people with diabetes?

    • Diabetes is not contagious. However, it is hereditary, so your relatives are at an increased risk of developing diabetes too.