Covid-19 vaccination and how to get it

    • Brief

    • There is currently no cure for the covid-19 infection, but there are vaccines available that do a good job of protecting you from getting infected. Also, people who have been vaccinated get milder covid-19 symptoms when they become infected with the virus.

      These vaccines work in different ways and have different levels of effectiveness. When you take the vaccine, you may experience some symptoms, such as fever, tiredness or some pain at the injection site. Most people do not have any severe side effects from the vaccine.

      The vaccines are available in public healthcare centers across Nigeria and are free of charge to all. If you experience any side effects, report them to the healthcare workers at your center.

    • About the vaccines

    • Vaccines prevent you from catching diseases that are caused by bacteria or viruses and that can spread from person to person. There are several covid-19 vaccines that are all injected into muscles. The covid-19 vaccines that are available in Nigeria are:

      • Moderna
      • BioNTech Pfizer
      • Johnson and Johnson
      • Oxford Astra Zeneca
      • Sinopharm
      • Sputnik V

      These vaccines are all approved in Nigeria. However, the first four on the list are more readily available. These vaccines do not promise hundred percent protection, but they do significantly reduce your chances of catching the disease when exposed to the virus. In case you do get infected after having been vaccinated, the vaccines will lessen the severity of the disease.

    • Vaccination centres

    • The government has made covid-19 vaccines available at primary healthcare centres, government hospitals and tertiary hospitals. You can register for your vaccine and choose the centre closest to you here. You can see a list of vaccination centres in Nigeria here.