Coughing up blood

    • Brief

    • Coughing up blood is a sign of a medical condition of the airways. A chest infection, swelling of the airway lining, or cancer can cause you to cough up blood. Blood may appear as bright red spots in your spit. This requires medical attention. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to achieve the best health outcomes.

    • What are the causes?

      • Severe chest infections like tuberculosis.
      • Swelling of the airway lining results in a build-up of mucus. If left untreated, it causes a chronic chesty cough that may lead to blood spots in the saliva.
      • If you have asthma, straining when you have difficulty breathing can lead to coughing up blood.
      • It may be a sign of more serious conditions like lung cancer.
    • When to visit a doctor?

    • You should see a healthcare provider for early diagnosis and treatment if you cough up blood. If cough up a significant amount of blood you should visit your healthcare provider immediately.

    • How to prevent?

      • Vaccination with the BCG vaccine can help reduce your risk for tuberculosis. It is given routinely in Nigeria but speak with your healthcare provider about getting a shot if you have not received it.
      • Eat healthy meals. Take vegetables and fruits to boost your immune system.
      • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
      • If you have asthma, take your medications regularly.
      • If your occupation requires exposure to irritants, use appropriate work gear to protect yourself.
      • Go for routine medical check-ups. This helps to detect any medical conditions early enough for treatment to start.
    • How to manage and treat?

    • Self-care tips

      After proper tests to diagnose the cause, you may be given medications. In addition, you should:

      • Reduce your exposure to air pollutants and irritants. For example, construction workers can wear protective clothing, including face masks.
      • Eat nutritious meals. Eat a lot of fruits, especially oranges.
      • Quit smoking.

      Treatment options

      Treatment depends on the cause of this symptom and the severity of the condition. First of all, your healthcare provider will try to stop the bleeding. They will then diagnose you based on tests carried out. You may be given medications to treat the underlying cause.

    • Kulawa cares

    • Coughing up blood is a symptom that should not be taken lightly. It can be a symptom of a serious condition. If you experience this symptom, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.