• Brief

    • Circumcision is a small operation to remove part or all of the foreskin from the penis. After circumcision, the skin of the glans (tip of the penis) becomes a bit thicker. Sometimes the glans become a bit darker in colour.

    • Reasons for circumcision

    • Circumcision is done for several reasons, which include:

      • The foreskin is too tight and you can not pull it back. As a result, urinating, erection or sexual intercourse is painful.
      • For religious reasons.
      • For hygiene reasons.
      • To reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and STIs.

      Some women are also cut, but this is harmful to women. It is called female genital mutilation. There are campaigns worldwide to end this practice.

    • Risks of circumcision

    • Circumcision is a medical procedure and there is a risk of medical problems. For example, bleeding, infections and narrowing of the urethra. Despite this, most men and boys in Nigeria are circumcised for religious and traditional reasons.

      However, do not circumcise your child if:

      • The child's penis looks unusual.
      • Urine does not come out of the child's penis urethra, from the side or another abnormal area
      • Your child or any of his older brothers have a bleeding disorder.

      If you decide to circumcise your child, do so at a licensed primary healthcare centre or a licensed private clinic with experienced healthcare workers that can safely circumcise your child.