• What type of medicine is this?

    • Ceftriaxone is an antibiotic only given to you when your healthcare provider prescribes it. This medicine only works for bacterial infections. It will not work for viral or fungal infections.

    • What is the medicine used for?

    • Ceftriaxone is a medication that helps to fight bacterial infections in your body. Ceftriaxone can treat infections such as sexually transmitted infections and infections of the brain. It also treats bacterial infections of the skin, lungs and blood. Inform your healthcare provider if you have had an allergic reaction to this medicine before.

    • How to take this medicine?

      • Ceftriaxone is given as an injection in your muscle or vein, once or twice daily.
      • Your healthcare provider should give this medicine, or your healthcare provider may train and direct you to inject this medicine yourself. Be sure that you understand the directions before you inject yourself.
      • Inform your healthcare provider if you notice any pain or swelling around the injection site.
      • The injection liquid should be clear. Don’t use it if you see particles or a colour change.
      • Do not skip any dose or stop this medicine even if you feel well. The infection may return if you do not complete your dose.
      • In case you miss a dose or take too much of the medicine, ask your healthcare provider what to do.
    • What are the side-effects?

    • The side-effects of ceftriaxone include the following:

      • Stomach pain.
      • Diarrhoea
      • Nausea and vomiting.
      • Body rash.
      • Pain when peeing or of blood in your pee.
      • Pain or itching at the site of injection.

      See your healthcare provider right away if you notice easy bruising of your skin, have serious belly pains, changes in the colour of your pee or any other unpleasant side-effects.

    • What to know before taking this medicine?

    • Ceftriaxone must be prescribed by your healthcare provider.

      The following are important things to note before taking ceftriaxone:

      • Inform your healthcare provider of any allergies you have.
      • Inform your healthcare provider if you are diabetic or have conditions affecting your liver or kidneys.
      • Do not use this medicine in a new-born who has jaundice (yellowing of the eyes).
      • If you are using any other antibiotic injection, tell your healthcare provider.
      • In case you are breastfeeding, ask your healthcare provider if this medicine is safe to use.

      Remember to keep your ceftriaxone medication and other medicines away from children and avoid sharing them with other people.