• Brief

    • The breasts are the 2 bulges on a woman’s chest.

      Each breast consists of: 

      Fat, mammary glands and ducts inside the breast:

      • Mammary glands: small organs that produce breast milk.
      • Ducts: small tubes that carry milk toward the nipple.

      The nipple and the areola on the outside of the breast:

      • Nipple: small knob in the middle of the breast.
      • Areola: dark circle around the nipple.
    • Functions of the breasts

    • The breasts have 2 functions:

      • A woman can breastfeed her baby with breast milk.
      • The nipples are very sensitive. Touching or caressing the nipples can give a woman sexual pleasure. If a woman is aroused, the nipples harden. The nipples can also harden for other reasons. For instance, if the woman feels cold.
    • Types of breasts

    • Every woman’s breasts are different. Breasts can be small or big, round or slightly oval. What they look like is not important for the way they function.

    • Breasts during pregnancy

    • During pregnancy, the breasts prepare for producing breast milk. They:

      • Grow bigger.
      • Become more sensitive and sometimes painful.
      • May already leak a little breastmilk.