• What type of medicine is this?

    • Bacitracin is an antibacterial medication used to prevent bacterial infections. When applied to cuts or bruises on the skin, it works by stopping the growth of bacteria. It will only work on bacteria. It does not affect viruses or fungi.

      Bacitracin is applied on the surface of wounds or bruised skin and is available without a prescription. You should speak to your healthcare provider if you are allergic to this medication to discuss alternatives.

    • What is the medicine used for?

    • Bacitracin is an antibacterial medication used to prevent bacterial infections of cuts or bruises to the skin. If should not be used on deep or large wounds or serious burns.

      Bacitracin is available over-the-counter (OTC) from (community) pharmacies and drug stores.

    • How to take this medicine?

    • Bacitracin is available alone or combined with other antibacterial medicines as an ointment for application to the skin.

      • It is applied 1-3 times a day for up to 7 days. Do not use it for more than 10 days.
      • Wash your hands properly before applying the ointment.
      • Clean the surface of the skin injury before applying the ointment.
      • Apply the ointment on the surface in small amounts.
      • Do this each time you apply it.
    • What are the side-effects?

    • Side-effects you may experience when you use this medicine include:

      • Itching.
      • Skin rash.
      • Swollen skin surface.

      You may experience other side-effects if you use this medicine for too long. Inform your healthcare provider if you experience any other side effects.

    • What to know before taking this medicine?

      • Bacitracin should be used for a short time. (7-10 days). If you use it for longer, the bacteria might not respond to the treatment anymore.
      • Do not use this medicine for deep cuts and serious burns on the skin.
      • Inform your healthcare provider if you use other medicines similar to Bacitracin.
      • Use this medicine for the prescribed period to prevent the infection from returning.
      • If you are pregnant, talk to your healthcare provider before using this medicine.